Floor Scrubbing

We can deliver any floor scrubbing and cleaning you require to the highest standards possible. We combine our expertise with the finest equipment and products available to ensure you are left with results to your satisfaction.


Coming to you in the greater Auckland area.  We can also provide our services out of Auckland which includes Bay of Plenty, Waikato and North Auckland. We can provide industrial, commercial and residential services wherever you are. So make the first step today by giving us a call to arrange a sample floor cleaning.

A locally owned and operated business, we have developed a way to scrub and clean floors that is fast, effective and long lasting.

Providing professional solutions for a variety of floors, we can perform any floor scrubbing or concrete cleaning you require. We are excited to share our results with you.

Spills, stains and moulds

Your complete floor cleaning specialist, we have the experience and capabilities to handle any type of damage your floors may have experienced.

We can be there at your convenience to cater to the following needs:

  • Degreasing

  • Oil spills

  • Rust, stain and mould removal


To complement our standard range of quality floor cleaning solutions, we can also cater to your specific needs with our dedicated water blasting services.


You can say goodbye to any spills or stains your floors may have.

We guarantee all of our work

There is nothing like getting the service you need in a quick and professional manner. Here at Cleaning Developments that’s what we do.

After hours service and free quote

With Cleaning Developments you will get the exact service you were promised and more. In addition to prompt, professional floor cleaning and water blasting, we can work after hours and provide a free quote.

Get in touch with us today on: 09 624 2060   or  021 948 361

–    gordon@cleaningdevelopments.co.nz

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