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By calling on Cleaning Developments for your flooring and property maintenance needs you can enjoy clean, fresh and enhanced surfaces that look like new.

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Here we present some tips on how to maintain your floors and surfaces, along with what professional services may be required.


Should I use water blasting or a spraying treatment?

Regular washing of your house will enhance your most valuable asset and add years of life to the paintwork.

However, regular waterblasting to concrete, pavers and cobbles is not advisable. This opens up the pores, takes a little off the surface and effectively allows mould to reappear sooner.

A spray treatment, left to work slowly, is recommended as it is better for the concrete and the clean effect lasts longer.

Should I water blast oil spills?

You should not waterblast oil spills, as it is bad for the environment and spreads the oil.

Spills should be contained with sand, sawdust or kitty litter, which works well as an absorbent. Laundry powder may also help lift staining.

What should I do with rust and stain marks?

Rust marks, whether from metal, a battery or a radiator, etch into concrete. Waterblasting generally will not help. You are better off getting someone who can professionally remove the stains.

Kwila or similar timber stain marks on concrete may be removed by concentrated bleach, followed by brushing and rinsing.


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